Advice for displaying graphics

Want to write a simple program that shows some .BMP files on an LCD cape. Looking for advice as to what SDK/API to use. I was thinking of something like SDL or gtk. What would you use? Does SDL work on Beaglebone Black?

I used SDL, although I had to use the software renderer. It worked fine for my purposes.

Not sure how up-to-date that code is. It was written to support building on OS X as well as on the BBB.

Perhaps Qt ?

That’s jpeg at any rate. . .

According to the link the person gave from the first answer, Qt does indeed support read/write for BMP.

If it's bmp, just...

use fbv:

fbv -d 1 /root/logo.bmp


ah +1 to Robert. For the ultimate minimalist approach.

Thanks for replies, gents.

What’s up with SDL, why is there no support (or software render only)?

I thought about Qt but I don’t like the licensing.

Robert’s solution is simple, but eventually I need something more complex that will let me overlay BMPs on top of each other, or display part of a BMP.

SDL, GTK, cairo… take your pick. they will all wok.

Just for the fun of it, currently have the SDL animatesprite example running in a virtual console on a 4d systems 7" LCD cape using SDL1.2