advice for PocketBeagle MCP2515 overlay?

I am trying to use the PocketBeagle with the Macchina M2 adapter [0].
The Macchina M2 [1] has an MCP2515 CAN controller (for Single Wire CAN
use case) wired to PocketBeagle SPI1.

I am trying to adapt the MCP2515.dts overlay [2] which does work for
SPI0 on the BeagleBone Black.

Linux 4.14.78-bone17 is running on the PocketBeagle. The mcp251x
driver fails to initialize the MCP2515 device on the M2 board. I've
put more information in a GitHub Gist [3].

I would appreciate any feedback. I think I must have something
missing or wrong in the overlay: PB-MCP2515.dts [4]



PB-MCP2515_dts.txt (5.01 KB)

pocketbeagle-mcp2515-dt-overlay-md.txt (12.8 KB)