advice on the project


I have to implement a ball and plate project using BBB.
I have the IR touchscreen connected on USB and the driver is working with a current Debian distribution, so I can see the mouse cursor moving when the ball is moving.
What is the easiest way to read the absolute mouse position?
After reading the position, it has to be sent frequently over UART to another microsystem.

Any advice on how to approach the coding of absolute mouse position?


Have a look at xdotool;
eval $(xdotool getmouselocation --shell); echo $X,$Y

thanks, that helps.

Since you have a working driver, you can:
1)Identify the events begin emitted from your input device using: “cat /proc/bus/input/devices”
2)Capture the data from the input device using: “ls /dev/input” to find your device’s event output then “cat” the appropriate file for the actual data.

You may have to look at the driver to understand what type of events are being sent(read: If you’re lucky, you’ll get absolute events being sent or relative events with a known origin position.

This is all speculation though from a little online research.

Good Luck!