Advice on using BeaglePlay as a hotspot

I really love my beagle play for the connectivity and integrations it has AND I’m still developing on a beaglebone black – has anyone succeeded at using the ethernet jack of the play to connect to the black wirelessly to the local network?

Would greatly simplify BBB development and well, I’d have a reason to buy another play. :slight_smile:

Not sure if I am understanding your question in a manor that would drive an answer for what you are looking for.

Are you able to ssh into both boards?

Hi @Josh_MacDonald - there is nothing really different about doing this on a BeaglePlay rather than just doing it on a standard debian PC…should work fine.

hostapd is a popular tool for creating a hotspot in linux. You can download this with apt unto the play and configure…However, these days I’m pretty sure network manager can do this natively without needing anything extra. Something like:

nmcli dev wifi hotspot ifname wlp1s0 ssid beagleplay password "beagleplay1234" (note this is completely untested, I just pasted an example to steer you in right direction. You will probably certainly need to modify the wlp1s0 name to be the real interface name of wifi interface on beagle)

Other than this you will probably just need to make sure that net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 is set via sysctl to ensure packets are forwarded between wifi interface and ethernet.


Thank you for explaining how to get started! I understand that this is just a Linux/Debian question, and I appreciate the help. I did search for Debian 11.x hotspot instructions and came up somehow confused.

I’m trying to overcome my lack of a wired network in the house when I’m developing on the BBB, so simply connecting it to the Play would make life easier. Mainly I want it to DHCP to my home router via the Play and to have the BBB be accessible via mDNS so I can ssh to it from my development machine via the Play’s network.