After connecting CCS and JTAG to BBB and then disconnecting, the BBB hangs and doesn't show CCCC

Running into an issue where we were able to see console output on the serial console when no JTAG or CCS was connected. After connecting CCS to JTAG and updating the DDR3 gel file we were able to see the output over the CCS serial console. After disconnecting the JTAG and CCS and doing a board reset, we can no longer see anything over the original serial console. Disconnected the serial console, did hardware reset, unplugged the BBB from the power supply and still the BBB simply appears hung or redirecting output or simply not responding CPU hung after power is applied.

What is causing this condition. It is fine when JTAG is connected and using CCS. But board appears hung with no CCCs or otherwise on reboot when JTAG and CCS is not connected. What is taking place?

What are you trying to do? To use CCS in bare board mode, you need an SDCard that sets up the board to work with CCS. From what I recall, you need more than just the DDR3 GEL file to get BBB working.


I apologize if this seems like a really bone-headed comment, but I ran into something similar when using a USB JTAG emulator (XDS100V2) and a USB<->FTDI cable for the console. Quite simply the USB serial device # changed when I had both cables plugged into my host machine.

I was used to using minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0 on my host computer to display the BeagleBoard’s console, but when i plugged in the JTAG USB emulator cable, the JTAG USB always got ttyUSB0 and the USB<->FTDI cable got ttyUSB1, so I had to type minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB1…