after flashing to Debian 8.6 no gui anymore

Dear all,

I managed to flash a recent purchased BBB to Debian 8.6 (BBB-blank-debian8.6-lxqt-4gb-2016-11-27).It works (partly) as I can see via Cloud 9 acces. But the gui is gone. I no longer have a graphical display (4D systems) nor keyboard/mouse access (via usb dongle). The display is fully lit. The board is completely accessable via Cloud9 and normal linux commands work via this interface. I did an update (sudo apt-get update) followed by reboot but no succes. Do I miss something? Please advise. Many thanks in advance,
Btw: the Debian version of 2015-11-03 works great! (I still have the SD card)

I am curious how you ended up on beaglebone. I had two I bought some time back. I flashed them both with the 8.6 and both have exactly what you describe. I can ssh via USB. No GUI. I put a monitor / keybard with nothing. What did you learn and what would you suggest? I really just want to play with the boards. I have a Rapberry pi cluster configured and wanted to have the beaglebone in the mix somehow… Anyways curious what you learned? did? etc.

So install your favorite GUI.

The gui is present if you load the Debian version indicated above. You have to modify the uEnv.txt file. Look here:

Still my current script does not work as expected in this version but the normal gui functions do. I need to look further.
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