After installing xdm on debian, I can't ssh

I am trying to use my android as a remote for x11 because I can’t find my keyboard and mouse either I could forward x11 to an Android x11 app or use the Android as a remote on an HDMI display I guess.
But I installed xdm and now I can’t login over USB tether from my Android. Help!!!

Hello There,

Seth here. I know little about android right now. Have you tried to:

  1. ssh debian@beaglebone.local
  2. clearing the cache and trying number 1
  3. ssh debian@


  1. clear the cache from your android device
  2. try one of these or both or all three (at separate times of course)…
    a. ssh debian@
    b. ssh debian@beaglebone.local
    c. ssh debian@


P.S. I may be able to guide a bit on this event status if you post more info…

  1. For instance using dmesg:
    a. dmesg > boot_messages
    b. journalctl -xe > boot-messages
    c. Or…any other ideas you have currently

I am not familiar w/ port-forwarding so far, i.e. as I have failed to get it to work in the past on a Linux target w/ a windows host. It may provide better ideas to supply steps taken and in order.

For instance:

I installed x11 # Things broke
Before installing x11, I did this too or that also...

Besides those ideas, welcome. Enjoy your time providing as much as possible to get other ideas to further in your building!

I just flashed debian again and erased the existing operating system with xdm. So I never figured out how to ssh. I think it was difficult for security reasons.

@natepmaier ,

Seth here again. Um, what exactly is xdm. I researched it but I am coming up short. Is that an Adobe thing?


P.S. Oh! xDisplay Manager! Oops…okay. So, all you did was erase xdm and the machine stopped booting?

There are other images made by the people that have no “bloat” or GUI.