After upgrade of Xm demo image I can't login graphically

I installed the "configured" demo image on my BB-xM as found on:

Everything ran fine with full GUI and autologin which then displayed
the "Matrix Application Launcher". I decide to do an upgrade and ran

#opkg update
#okpg upgrade

Upon reboot, the GPE new user screen appeared so I entered the info
for a non-root account. The screen then changed to the GPE login
screen. Now whether I login using the new account or the root
account the login screen disappears momentarily displaying the 'Matrix
Application Launcher" then the screen goes black and comes back the
the GPE login. I can login fine from the serial console with either

There are no messages added to dmesg when this occurs nor Xorg.0.log

I have seen this type of error reported before but not a solution that
seems to apply. Any suggestions?

Having done this myself I have slightly difference scenario, I can only login as root after updating with gpe which is somehow the new ui.

Did another update and now I can’t get to a login. I am guessing I need to be more selective with updates on this branch. Is there a mostly stable branch one can follow? I am not looking for lts, but I would prefer not to blowing the system and restarting from scratch so often. Is there any advice or comment on which stream to be following, or when or what to do to see if it is safe?.