AI-64 - Booting from USB/SSD?

Simply because your /var/log/ is part of your bootfs (boot file system) and if you don’t boot it from ssd then the logs file are written on eMMC or MMC and that NAND memory in both cases are not like ssd memory which last far more over time.

well, good… but can you do a simple sudo command ?

/var/log is on the ssd!

Only the kernel is being loaded off the EMMC, nothing is written to it.

I’m logged in as root! Look at what I pasted.

I think I will leave this to you now, you obviously know far more than me.

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ok, things for your help ! still a useful peace of the puzzle :wink:

update: “in fact I was able to log as root too”
but the whole system administration is broken…
even when you create another user from root login the other newly created
was unable to recover sudo privilege… but the whole system is well loaded on ssd with root full access…
@AndrewCapon I m pretty sure that you still in the same situation as me.
wharf ! so close to success ^^