AI-64 First time boot

I just got my BB-AI-64 from digi-key. Now I plug my external adaptor 5V/2A, my wireless keyboard / mouse USB dongles, the mini DP to HDMI and my monitor.
The screen is not receiving signal.
The LED1 is blinking at heartbeat rate, the LED6 is constant on.
Now I am wondering what I do wrong.
So your help is appreciated!

Note: When I connect the USB-C of the AI-64 to my laptop, I see a drive of about 17MByte, and it contains the START.html file. So all looks like ok, except no display.

Hi @karel are you using the recommended adapter?

When this board was designed, we didn’t realize that DisplayPort had an addendum to the spec that most “laptop’s” enabled, we didn’t have time to fully figure that out and redesigns the board… So you need an “active” DisplayPort to hdmi adapter…


This is helpful, thanks!
I didn’t saw the recommendation before, nor I was aware about active / passive adaptors…
I have this one:

Which is passive :frowning:

Confirmed, active mini DP to HDMI adaptor works (4K)!