AI-64 running NMVe and Firefox crash and resets

My concern is do I have a hardware issue going on or this AI-64 not designed for NVMe.

First I thought it was my USB wifi adapter drawing more power than the regulator can handle. Removed that and it was fine. Now while having a git clone downloading in background and using firefox to browse it crashes and then restarts.

Is this an isolated issue and should I order another board or move on because AI-64 might not be able to support NVMe?

FYI, it is on a lab supply with current limit maxed at 3.2 A, so AC adapter is not the issue.

OS is the factory supplied Debian 11.3 flasher install.


Just successfully cloned mainline, did not open firefox. I wonder if this is a firefox related issue and not the AI-64?

I think that this is likely a Firefox issue. After the recent Firefox update, I have seen it crash twice on my AI64. I haven’t made any other changes except apt update.

I am also interested in booting and running off of an NMVe so I will be watching your posts closely.

I don’t boot NVMe. Boot emmc and map NVMe partitions using fstab.

Do you have a web browser recommendation for the arm boards?

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Firefox is working OK again on my AI64. All I did was another apt update.

So far, I just use Firefox.

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Turns out my lab supply folds back when it it gets close to 3 amps or its not as stiff as it should be.

Configured both channels in parallel for 6 amps total and now the NVMe and board have enough power.


Interesting. Thanks for posting. Were you seeing anything in particular when the AI64 was starved for power?

I just looked up that NVMe you are using. Looks pretty sweet. Are you running it with the vertical adapter? I would love to find a short NVMe that fits the BBAI64 without any adapters. Not sure if something like that exists. Anyone researched this yet??

I am also really wondering what it would take to boot from NVMe? I see in the SRM:

TODO: This section needs more work and references to greater detail. Other boot
modes are possible.
Software to support USB and serial boot modes is not provided by
Please contact TI for support of this feature.

Is NVMe considered a “Serial” boot mode or is it considered something else???

It would just die, including the screen.


Just found one with a ribbon cable and when that arrives I will post about it. I can work around the cable and get it into a box. Next issue will be wifi on the USB, rather have it somewhere other than on the USB jack since that will be exposed to the end user and could be removed and lost.

Maybe some day I will look into that, the EMMC boot is rock solid and that is how we run the other brand of SBC’s, so for now my plans are to stay with EMMC boot and partition on NVMe.

Debian 11.3 desktop is very simple and easy to modify the /etc/fstab file. If you are interested I will post that.

Just got it connected and it functions.

It comes with 3 different length cables. Plenty of length for many mounting options.