AI-64 Streaming H.264 encoded video from an IMX219 CSI-2 camera

I’ve noticed a typo in my original post where I should have removed “dcc1” from “:dcc-2a-file=/opt/imaging/imx219/dcc1/dcc_2a.bin” in the command

My project recently changed directions to use a sister TI processor and I have had success using v4l2h264enc in the gstreamer pipeline on the TI EVM board image based off the TI 8.6 SDK that was provided. I suspect why it doesn’t work on my BBAI-64 board setup is because the image is still using the older 8.2 SDK edgeal-tiovx-modules and edgeai-gst-plugins which appear to provide the functionality to use the on-chip encoder and the gstreamer plug-ins to use it. I never had the time (or honestly gumption) to try building using the TI 8.5 SDK environment as mentioned in this post by @RobertCNelson :