AIN max voltage exceeded


I did the big mistake… 5V on an AIN pin. For those who always wondered what happens, nothing truly exciting : the board just suddently shut down, and can’t be turned on anymore.

Is there a way to fix this (by replacing a part for example) ?


Yes. You will need to replace the most expensive part on the board. The processor.


Sounds like someone needs to make a “surge protector” cape for people like us… I’d buy that. My current Zener diode monstrosity design isn’t particularly effective.

With the current shortage and future price increase, it may be worth investing in BeagleBone protection again :wink: This ‘surge protector’ cape you mention already exists! Shameless plug: Have a look at the BeBoPr series of boards and the current BeBoPr++. The analogue inputs are designed to handle shorts against a 12 Volt supply. Besides the over voltage protection you also get an extra (better) ADC, protected digital inputs, both TTL and high current outputs, a 12-24 Volt to 5 Volt step down converter, I2C level shifter, etc. Oh, and you can also use it to control some stepper motors, e.g. to build a 3D printer, or a laser cutter, or a router, or something I haven’t thought of yet. There’s a picture and manual available for download via this link: . – Bas

Does it go to 220V? I mean if it is to be found people will try to connect it!


LOL - nor to mention xxKv of static, etc!

Now that is true as well.



Quoting my original message "The analogue inputs are designed to handle shorts against a 12 Volt supply", that doesn't say 220V does it?

And IIRC single phase in the US is only 110-120V :b

-- Bas

I was thinking more internationally! But, I could have said just read the documentation, like the System Reference Manual. But I have given up on that. In fact, i am considering not doing one on the next board. It is a lot of work.


You only have to cut & paste some hard to understand text after a proper looking cover page. The text isn't read anyway :slight_smile: But it's fun if you can answer 'RTFM!'. And if you don't have a manual all hell breaks loose.

-- Bas

The best protection is experience! If you’re not researching all the documentation, then you get to buy new ones until you figure it out. Having said that, I will now plead the 5th! :wink:


Oh, please don’t do that. I read the SRM and review the schematics regularly. It is extremely useful to have all that detailed documentation.

Maybe there are some (possibly even a majority) that don’t read the SRM, but for those of us who do it is very valuable. Please don’t punish us for the crimes of others.

Thanks again for all the hard work.

Dennis Cote

The SRM has been extremely valuable and I do hope the availability on future boards will continue. For many digging through the TRM would be an impossible task in trying to find the info covered by the SRM. That said, maybe some more community involvement in writing, editing, and upkeep is in order. Not sure how that would work but maybe something to be looked at come time for the next beagleboard.