alternative archivers to 7za ?

My BBB application zips things up every 24 hours and copies them to a server. I’m finding that 7za starts reporting “Can’t allocate required memory” after a day or two. Apparently 7Za is more demanding of memory than some other compression programs. There are only a couple dozen of files. (I understand that the number of files may be a limitation for 7za.)

Has anyone else run into this issue, and what program has been the most successful for you on resource constrained environments like the BBB?

I don’t particularly care about speed, or about squeezing the most compression out. Mostly I just want a “reasonable” reduction in size of the file set, and to know that it will work reliably within the limitations of the BBB. Apparently the free space available (on the emcc, per df) is bit less than 4 times the space taken up by the files I want to compress.

I can, and will be reducing the number and size of files to archive, but I’d like to know I have plenty of overhead room.



Thanks - I did not know about that one.

I have experimented with the compression flags on 7za, and found that -mx=3 reduces the compression (in my tests, anyway) less than 10% of the -mx=9 I had been using, and does not (so far!) error out in the same way.

I will look at miniz also.