Altium AD10 design files of BeagleBone REV. C board

Good morning BeagleBoard friends,

I have the Altium AD10 files of the BeagleBone board in raw Altium format – as I am receiving mails from individuals to send them, is it possible that someone commits these on the BeagleBone server ?

The person who is interested and in position to upload these on the server can send me a mail and I will forward those.

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Michel Heuts

raw Altium format: This means that the original files have been converted into AD10 Altium file format, but inspection of libraries, power and ground planes, design rules and consistency check needs to be done by the final user familiar with Altium toolchain – the files should be OK – but no warranty is provided.

Could they also be saved in ASCII format? That will enable those of us
with other PCB packages to import them.

Hello Leon -

Schematic capture:


Can you approve me putting these on ?

Personally, I don’t understand what is different with these files versus the design files that are currently up there. I’d like to present it in a consistent way. What does this package replace?


The temporary download location for this file is

When Gerald approves, I will move it to the design page and perhaps add it to the SD card contents and README.htm.

Jason , It would be really helpful if the orcad schematic could be made available in EDIF format for the rest of us. Is it possible to have one of your orcad users export in that format?

I will see if I can save it off as EDIF and make it available. There is a new version of the board coming out next week, but I will provide both versions when the new version is released…


Did this ever happen? I don’t have access to Cadence products, and have been unable to import the current RevC files with Eagle (or Diptrace, or Altium…)

Yea has there been more progress? In terms of transferring a DSN into an Eagle readable format. I saw ULPs mentioned but I have only come across ULPs for dealing with netlist and BOM transfer, not DSN to eagle. Does anyone know which (if any) ULP could be used to transfer from DSN into something Eagle compatible?

I have no plans for any conversion into Eagle.



Can I pls have a copy of the altium pcb files for the BBB rev c?


The Altium files linked at are what we know about. Are you trying to ask if you can pay anyone to do an updated conversion or something?

The changes are listed and there were very few that impacted the PCB, if any. So I do not expect many changes to be needed.