AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine (ICE)

Has anyone on this board messed around with the Ti TMDXICE3359 AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine (ICE) board that appears to be manufactured by CircuitCo?

I’ve got a project in mind that could really leverage some of the physical features of this board, but I’m unsure of how code compatible it is with a BeagleBone. At first glance it seems like a Bone kernel should just work, but has anyone tried it? What about userspace compatibility?

Any and all input is welcome.

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I bought one – it arrived a few days ago – but I haven’t had time to fiddle with it.

It seems that they have some demos that show how to load Profibus and CAN driver code into the PRU – that’s my main interest. Whether these can be adapted to run under Angstrom is something that I haven’t even started to investigate. My understanding is that the Profi stack requires licensing for commercial use. Unsure about the CAN and EtherCat stacks.

I am going to guess that there would be a certain amount of work bit-baking a version of Angstrom for this (even disregarding Profi, Can etc.). I would expect that there are important differences between the two boards.

One rather nice thing is that the ICE has 24 volt discrete I/O – very cool.

At any rate, if I make progress, I’ll post …

Did you make any progress on this?’


Mine is in a box in the basement somewhere.

The literature is a little scattered. I would imagine that it could be made to run w/ sufficient determination … but that is sort of contrary to the intent of a demo platform. I think that they just tossed this out there and then lost interest.