Am335x maximum graphic resolution


Can anybody specify the maximum GUI resolution supported by Bone in terms of HW and SW?


As I understand . this is totally depend on the memory bandwidth

You can find online document of s3c2410 (arm 920t) and the max resolution up to 2048*1536 ,

In the case of still image show . this also be possible .

Depend Your use case

2012/10/11 Max <>

I know that the embedded LCD controller supports 2048x2048px. I asked about the resolution supported by the Bone design in hardware and Linux kernel in particular.

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12.10.2012, в 6:08, liyaoshi <> написал(а):

You can modify the kernel driver in


and arch/arm/omap2/board-am335x.c

to fit your own panel .

2012/10/12 Max <>