AM335x Pure-USB Boot

I haven’t seen or heard of anyone doing a straight USB boot, even with SYSBOOT set up properly. Is there anything preventing this from being done? What?

Nothing in HW. People have actually done it before. There is some work going on inside TI to offer something to help in doing this. There is a post on this forum where someone has already done it. Even posted a link. It is for the BeagleBone Black.


This is known working on Debian for sure, but should work for any distro using the same up to date uboot.

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err, sorry, this is “pure” as you need u-boot.image, MLO, an uEnv.txt on a uSD card, or the eMMC

is not a pure USB boot.<-----

Ah! Thanks everyone, I think I got it now!

To be more specific I was thinking of a USB-Storage boot with no other loaders. With a bit more researching I found that the USB boot is RNDIS which is just a virtual ethernet connection so a USB key is never going to properly talk to that off boot. At the very least a loader is going to need to be sent/present on boot.

Well the boot i describe on my blog post is host side USB boot. This works fine, as though you’re booting from eMMC or uSD.

I have also attempted RNDIS booting myself, but the boot sequence cycles through the round robin boot sequence several times then halts. Since I do not current have a proper serial debug module, this is where I’ll be stuck until I do.

I have heard of EEPROM loaders, but honestly do not know thing about them. I would think u-boot is still needed, but I am still learning myself.