I am on a BONE- kernel and I am not finding the UBOOT_OVERLAY_PRU= line so far in /boot/uEnv.txt.

I am not in a hurry on this one. I will revisit this idea again soon.


P.S. Would it be possible to add this line in the newer 5.10.x kernels w/ the BONE- prefix? I am following along in an ArduCopter doc. and on their Wiki online. It seems I need to add a BONE- RT kernel but when I add it to my configuration on the BBBlue, I do not have this line commented out or uncommented to put in UIO instead of RProc. This time, I just used the given # symbol for RProc and uncommented the # for the line for UIO.

Do I need UBOOT_OVERLAY_PRU= instead of using the given choices for RProc or UIO which are located in /boot/uEnv.txt?



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