AM57 PRU Package


I try porting a program developed for the Beaglebone Black to the BBAI.
To achieve PRU support, my program included the am335x_pru_package from the Beagleboard Github repository (pruss_intc_mapping.h and prussdrv.h).

Is there a change that a PRU package for the BB AI (AM5729) is on the way?

Currently I am facing some segmentation faults. I guess, these are because of the varying base addresses of the PRUs between the AM335x and the AM57xx.

Maybe I am missing something else?


The am335x_pru_package uses the overall memory map base and length that are set by the uio_pruss module on /dev/uio.
The offsets to the different registers within the chip are the specific parts.
The software package uses the revision of the pruss interrupt controller to select between pruss version one and two.

Do you know how the pruss in AM57XX differs from the AM335X? I guess the AM57XX technical reference would do.
Just curious, did you also need a different version of the uio_pruss?
With your info, if I find some time I might look at the required changes to pru_sw.

Best wishes,