AM5729 process now in ACTIVE status

I noticed that the AM5729 has been changed to ACTIVE status and that there appears to be a greater than zero quantity available for ordering.

I also noticed that the Beagleboard X15, which like the Beagleboard AI is made with the AM5729 and now sourced by Seeed Studio is available for order on Mouser. Last I looked 300+ in stock.


Yes. Pretty cool.

Not sure what the new Seeed Studios boards come with (The X15 BOM calls for AM5728), But the previous boards from PTI had AM5729BABCXEA.

BABCXEA is the nicest version of AM5729 that you can buy, i.e. industrial temp, industrial communication protocols enabled, etc

Hopefully the new Seeed boards have the same.

The Seeed manufactured X15s and the previous boards made by PTI use the same AM5729 variant. The BOM has been unfortunately deceptive since the AM5729 wasn’t public, but all the rev C X15 boards did and do use it.

The exact part number is AM5729BABCXEAR

Seeed is the only current manufacturer. Actually just got the tour of where they are being assembled on Thursday. I’ll post photos when I have a better connection.