AMSDK image for the BeagleBone?

I was wondering if there is a pre-made image (like the one for Angstrom), but for AMSDK.

I would like to give it a try, but I can’t even get started. Checked the instructions on the site and either they assume knowledge that I absolutely lack, or I am missing a step or 2.

I’ve found a download called “ti-sdk-beagleboard-”; downloaded on my Ubuntu but it is not an img file that I can write on SD. It is used in conjunction with a script file present on the TI SD card that I do not have (I’ve just received the BeagleBone with the SD with Angstrom on it). So I am not able to find a way to actually run this OS on the BeagleBone.

It seems like it is possible to create a SD with the OS without the image, but it involves a lots of steps that I am having problems with (as above…either there are many assumptions about what a person should know, or I am missing something).

Is there anyone here that has this image? Is my understanding that it is freely available, but for some reasons I cannot find any link anywhere to get the img to put on the sd card.

Any pointer is more than welcome; I assume that there must be some sort of hurdle, that’s why the image is not easily available like the one for Angstrom.


Ok, it seems that there is no image for some reasons, but I was able to create one.

It involved a lot of hoops, but was not terribly hard to do; the basic info are on the AMSDK pdf, then it is a matter of finding the correct SDK version, install it and then you can create an SD image from one of the scrips in the sdk.

If someone is interested I can write the steps down; ( the only thing that I do not have yet operative is the lcd cape, but I will find what is the problem and make it work).

Have you had luck getting opengl support working with the SDK? I’m assuming you’ve got the lcd cape working but if not here is a guide: