an initial success; beagle bone black + 7" LCD touchscreen cape a very nice/awesome combo

i’m a newbie to these embedded development boards and had initial success with a beagle bone black, i got the combo :

this is a great/awesome combo as it makes the BBB a complete (linux) computer with its own (resistive) touch screen LCD running off a 5 volt power supply ! (not a simple usb port though)

unfortunately linux is very keyboard based & i installed florence (on-screen virtual keyboard) from
(florence do have various dependencies which needs to be installed together and in addition install the package “at-spi2-core” as a dependency as otherwise florence fails/aborts with errors at every key click)

a screen print:

running chrome(ium) is very heavy on this tiny little board but it works for what’s worth!
this still leaves room to patch circuits at the extension headers (gpios / analog inputs, etc)

would likely try the android install as it’d seem android is more appropriate / usable for a touch screen device

additional success, yup u can power the beaglebone black with the lcd screen from one of those ‘usb power banks’ (lipo battery chargers) i’ve had to hack a usb cable in which one end is usb going to the power bank and the other the barrel jack going into the BBB

I have the same cape mounted to a stand I made using the plastic tongue from tongue and groove chipboard. Very nifty but the power led is way too bright.