An issue about spidev1.0


I’m developing spi device driver. It’s a module driver, and I don’t need to compile the kernel. The spi_board_info is below:
static struct spi_board_info ad1299_spi_board_info[] = {
[0] = {
.modalias = “ADS1299”,
.max_speed_hz = 48000000, // 48MHz
.bus_num = 1,
.chip_select = 0,
.mode = SPI_MODE_1,
//.irq = gpio_to_irq(ADS2_RDY_PIN),
.platform_data = NULL,
.controller_data = NULL,

The chip_select is 0 above, and it’s always failed when I call insmod to install the driver. It seems that Chip select 0 is occupied by other drivers.
I guess that chip select 0 is occupied by /dev/spidev1.0, right?

If /dev/spidev1.0 occupy SPI1 and CS0, is there any way that I unload “/dev/spidev1.0” in user space? I just want to install my driver without re-compiling the kernel.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Is there anyone can tell me whether “/dev/spidev1.0” occupies SPI1, CS0?

If it is, how could I remove it? Is it necessary that I need to recompile the kernel?

Thanks a lot.


remove the chip_select option and used one of the gpio as chip select to control the spi trasnmission