Analog Digital Conversion via I2C

I am developing an application on a Beaglebone Black that needs to do Analog to Digital Conversion but can not use the onboard ADC since an LCD shield has it tied up. I have been trying to get Node-I2c to work but am struggling. Has anyone gotten a Node.js app to talk to a MCP3424 (or to any ADC) via I2C?

My problems with getting the library Node-I2c to work for this requirement were self inflicted. A code sample of the solution can be found here. Using an external ADC allows for analog input even with an LCD mounted on the BBB and it should, if I read other reviews correctly, provide for a potentially more accurate solution than relying on the onboard ADC…even if you don’t have an LCD blocking it. Note that the attached code sample is not a 100% finished!