analogRead returning null

I ended up downloading the original image from Circuitco and it worked with that. I hope it is corrected in a future update.

The unfortunate thing is that they have done a really nice job of the introductory pages, but when the basics don’t work it makes me lose confidence in the entire platform.

As always, located a the link below.,



Not to be dense…but…I had found that site but am still not sure which image is a “good” one? I know the 5-27 image is trash but not sure if the 5-20 or 5-8 or 4-13 is the pre-trash one!


OK. All the images out there were ones that have been used in the past and the ones currently used. The newer the date, the newer the image. You are free to try whatever image you want to try. I do know that no bonescript improvements have been made as of the initial date of the release. In other words, no code changes have been made. HOWEVER, the kernel has changed. So, the kernel changes may have introduced some unintended feature that screws things up. Hence going back a few kernel versions may cause it to once again work as it once did.

That is the concept here.


If you go to the start page when you plug in the Beaglebone Black, you will find the link and all the instructions there. Updating is quite simple but takes a long time. You’ll need a 4Gbyte microSD card and about an hour.

This is all described on the link I provided.


The one I use is:

Old Production Image 2013.04.13 -This version does not support audio over HDMI

That was the original version onto which Bonescript was released.



I had just taken a stab and chose that one to download. It is closing on time for bed here but will try it tomorrow.



Good luck for tomorrow then Will, but I am sure it will work.

Gerald, if I’m not mistaken, I believe you are one of the designers, in which case I’d like to say it looks like a great platform and well done on the design.


It worked! I can actually start to evaluate the board against my customers requirements. Your pointing me to the right image saved me HOURS of walking backward through each of the releases out there looking for an image that actually fulfills a key aspect of what the BBB advertizes as being able to do!

I am still baffled why an image would be rolled out with a flaw like this. As you said to Gerald, the board is really impressive. I am evaluating it against the Pi and it is scoring well on a LOT of dimensions but this experience has not been a positive note.

Now to hook it up to my test bed and write some benchmarking code…

Thanks again,