Android Based Boot System

I have made some good progress until now with the project. First I have coded a Linux port now on Linux I am able to tftp kernel+initrd to the board and boot them successfuly. The project can be seen here. The code is very sloppy and personal for my board, if you want to use it the BBB_hwaddr[], my_hwaddr[] need to be changed from utils.h. Also from main.c the files that will be transferred to the board need to be changed. I wrote this port to see the chanllanges that I will face on Android and found out some things. There is one small bug in the AM335x TRM, the people from TI say that they implemented BOOTP(RFC951) but the format of the BOOTP packet is DHCP version.

For the Android verion I`ve created a new Git Repo. As IDE I will try the new AndroidStudio based on IntelliJ hope I will get along with it well.

I will post back a message describing the problems I have encountered on Android there are quite some.

The blog where I keep all the updates is:

As promised, back with the Android problems:

This week I got more deep into porting the code to Android. Until now I did all the classes for my type of messages and for each of them I have toByteArray method in order to get the byte[] translation of my packet.

A more pressing issue is always getting a timeout when I try to read from my BBB. I tested my code on 2 devices: a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus. N7 uses EHCI controller and GN uses mUSB and both fail in the same place. Talked with one of my mentors ds2 and he thinks that the problem is into the USB common code. The log of the discussion can be seen here: .

Also, I have a libusb port to Android and tried to run my Linux code on the device but fails in the same place, at libusb_bulk_transfer when reading from the endpoint. This makes the idea of something wrong there more strong.