Android-based remote display idea


My name is Javier Arroyo Cabello and I’m studying Computer Science at University of Granada (Spain). I’ve seen the BeagleBoard project and the ideas in the Google Summer of Code page, and I’m interested in applying to develop one of the ideas: Android-based remote display.

Now, I’m working at my final career project about e-health. I’ve been working on it since 6 months ago. My project consists in building a system that monitors the patient vitals such as electrocardiogram, temperature, air flow, pulse, oxygen saturation in blood, glucose and blood pressure. The point is managing the data collected by these devices with an android device , which act like a remote display and a controller for the hardware.

The technology that I’m using is:

  • An Arduino board and some health sensors to get patient vitals.

  • A Android device to show the data and control the Arduino board.

  • A USB connection between Arduino and Android and the ADK library for both platform.

As you can see, your idea is quite similar to my project. I have a good experience with Android, Java, USB and the ADK library and I’m using my Android device to display the data a control the Arduino board.

I think participating in this project would be beneficial for both of us, because I’ll develop your idea and test the BeagleBoard with an e-health application, and you can help me to improve my project by giving me the chance to test it in a different hardware platform, such as BeagleBoard.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further information about my ideas and my project.

Please, let me know if I need to know something else before sending my application.


Javier Arroyo Cabello