Android for Beagle

Announcing android4beagle: a project to support Android on boards, starting with BeagleBone Black. The project page is

There are BBB ports for Marshmallow, Lollipop and KitKat. You can build from source or use the prebuilt images. Help and comments are welcome.

Chris Simmonds,

Hello Chris,

Looks good ! I was going to ask how this differs from Andrew H’s Android on Beaglebone, but after glancing at your page it seems obvious to me.

I think what would be beneficial to all is an explanation how Android differs from say Debian. In the context of how the hardware peripherals are accessed. Perhaps even a video or three covering the basics.

I think that having an example of a person clicking an on screen button via an Android app, then having that app turn on an LED connected to a P8 / P9 pin would be awesome. Personally, quite honestly. I would have no idea where to start. Despite having nearly 4 years hands on experience with Debian on the Beaglebone.

Hi William,

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that a little demo showing demoing
GPIOs would be nice. I'll work on putting one online when I get a spare
moment or two.