Android GSM module/shield question

Good day,

I wrote an app for android a few months ago that is installed on a phone. The phone with the app was sent to a remote location and used to log data and send the data back to our server using web services and GSM provided by the phone.

I want to remove the phone from the equation and use the BeagleBone Black as my logging device. Is there a module out there that can be used for this? I want to connect it and let the Android system interface with the GSM module in the same way it does with a normal smartphone. I do not want to directly interface to the module using a serial interface.

Is this possible?

Did you look here?



I did look there and saw the GPS/GPRS cape. But I still do not know of this will be a seamless integration with the Android operating system.

That is a question that I cannot answer.


I am also looking for the same solution as you are finding. Did you find the solution?


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