Android on Beagle board

I was working on the OMAP+Android research project with “Beagleboard”
in the project.

The encountering problem is we still can’t find the approach to port
the Android on Beagleboard! Even we search many documents one
internet, there is no a clear and workable way for this issue,
actually we had installed Kernal 2.6.22 on Beagleborad and tried some
approaches to port the Android but failed.

if there is any Kernal with Android for Beagleboard? Your help is very
thankful to me.

  We have already successfully ported (custom) open source Android to
beagle board. This is very initial version. We have tested it on MMC
card and on NFS.
Please find below link for uImage and root filesystem.

You can watch Beagle board booting Android here:-

Very soon we are planning to release source code and project page where
we can discuss and develop Android for beagle board.

Rupesh Gujare

DotDotDog wrote:

Is there any plan to port Symbian to beagle board?


Liu Enze

Seems not only one done this


May be maemo is better than symbians?

Is there full opened symbians?

And s60?

symbians is not full opened now.


  Where can I download the customized Android kernel and filesystem for beagleboard?

Thanks & Best regards !!

We have already successfully ported (custom) open sourceAndroidto
beagle board. This is very initial version. We have tested it on MMC
card and on NFS.

I'm interested to learn how to manually port this and other Linux
distros to the Beagle Board but I don't know where to start. Can you
recommend some good resources where I can learn how to port linux to
another architecture? I'd also love to know the steps you took with
Android so I can build my own copy from scratch and build new ones
when versions are released.