Android on beagle : keyboard mapping (other than lock and unlock) not working

Hi All,

I downloaded the android for beagle board from "http://

1. Built the android RFS, copied onto SDcard.
2. Connected logitech mouse and Dell keyboard to beagle board through
Belkin Hub.
3. Able to boot embinux android and see the initial screen. Keybaord
and mouse are also detected. Followed the link as it is.
4. Unlocked the initail screen with "right windows" key on keyboard.
Able to lock the screen with "End" key of keybaord.
But no other keys of keybaord is detected.Getting the following error
(when using logcat) continuously for other keys:

Please check following links, Hope it will solve your problems:-


Hi Rupesh,

Thanks for the update.
Tested the setup on beagle board. Now mouse and keyboard input are working (the issue is permissions for the RFS is not proper and made rw for the whole filesystem).

Will test it on EVM and update on the same.

Thanks and regards,


Did u change the permission to whole Android_RFS folder?

How did u do that? Can you please share the commandline for that?


Got it working.