android on beagleboard -- step by step?

a friend just got a C2 beagleboard and wants to put android on it.
i don't quite have the time to give directions so i was hoping there's
a site somewhere explaining how to do that *from scratch* with a
fresh, out-of-the-box board.

  i emphasize the "from scratch" part since it's my experience that,
while there's lots of good BB docs out there, they typically require
one to hunt down the relevant few, and combine their content to get a
final, working recipe.

  i realize it's probably asking a bit much but i was hoping for
something along the lines of "so ... you've unpacked your BB and have
an empty SD card ready to go. here's what you have to do."

  does anything like that exist for android? thanks.



Checkout following link, it might help.

Rupesh gujare