Android on Beagleboard - Training in Bangalore on 25th July.

Hi all,

Embinux and TI are conducting a training session for Android on Beagle
- IN BANGALORE. The details of training and registrations are in the
link below.

Kindly register at the earliest as the seats are very limited.




I have some doubt may be or issue with the pacemarketing solutions reg android event.

We totally 5 persons planning to attend the event and 5 persons are not from same company.

As per registration window page, it speaks about 1,500 Rs for 5 persons, but when i registered and spoke to Vinay of pacemarketing solutions, he tells me that 5 persons should be from the same company.

I am little bit worried about this. Can we make any thing about this.

Thanks and Regards,

Taken Care.

You should be able to register now. Let me know if you have any issues.


Hi All,

I am working on omap3 processor. i ported linux-omap2.6.29 kernel, and it is working fine. But linux-omap2.6.29 support only MMC.

How to add MMC2 this kernel, which patch i have to add, Give me the patch information and how to add patch to linux-omap2.6.29 for MMC2?



For the $(@$#()$# third time now:

The angstrom 2.6.29 kernel has mmc2 working with the puppy boards, have a look at the patches in OE.

Please stop posting the same question over and over again when it you have been given the answer multiple times already.