Android on Beagleboard-XM REV-B is deadly slow


I am trying to run Android froyo on beagleboard-xm revB. I am unable
to find out detailed datasheet and specifications of this revision.
Also I am confused that which processor has been used in this revision
board. If anybody has datasheet please share with me.

I have tried android prebuilt image given in following link and
followed steps mentioned in README file included in same package.

Finally android2.2 is running on this board but it has taken around 10
minutes to get Android main screen and all the applications running
extremely slow. Linux default command(e.g. ls and top) also running
very slow.

I have checked logcat and linux console but not able to figure out any
issue. I have also tried top command to make sure about cpu usage and
memory usage but it is also not much(CPU usage was 4% to 14% and
memory was 50MB free)

I don't know why it is very slow?

I hope somebody could help me to figure out this issue.