Android on ULCD7 Lite + Touchscreen?


I am new to the BeagleBoard. I just got my -xM and ULCD7 Lite, and
they are working fine with the Angstrom image. However, has anyone
been able to get the ULCD working in Android? How about touchscreen
support? I am trying to load Rowboat on the -xM. However, I don't
think this version of Android supports the ULCD nor its touchscreen.


I don't know if the Rowboat project has merged this code, but Karim
took some of the work done to integrated the ULCD7-Lite support into
Rowboat's Android. You can find all of the required steps and code
required on his blog[1].


Does anybody know where I can get the LCD/touchsreen driver for the
ULCD7 Lite in Angstrom/Android?


For Angstrom,