Android output with S-Video

Hi all,

i tried to enable S-Video with Android FS on the beagleboard.
my steps are:
1, git the kernel from
2, merge kernel config to omap3_beagle_defconfig.
3, get android patch from
4, patch the file to kernel
5, merge omap3_beagle_defconfig to omap3_beagle_android_defconfig.
6, make the image with omap3_beagle_android_defconfig.
7, use the uImage and boot with Android rootFS which i made before
as this site:
8, connect beagleboard S-Video...
9, boot Android.
10,"Enter" to the command line.
11,Android is supported the command "grep" and "cut",just put the
value to "w" and "h".
#cd /sys/devices/platform/omapfb
#echo "1 t:none" > framebuffers
#echo "0 t:gfx,vid1" > framebuffers
#echo "gfx e:1" > overlays
#echo "vid1 t:tv w:$w h:$h e:1" > overlays
After this , i met the error:

enable overlay fail

and i got no information when googling it.
Had anyone met this?