[android-porting] Cannot on wifi in Android ported on BeagleBoard

[+beagle,rowboat list for support]

did u referred http://www.projectkennel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Getting_Started_with_Android_for_your_BeagleBoard
it have steps for donut (older), but if you follow similar steps,
should be ok i guess.

for latest code, you can get RT73 driver from RT site

What I'm confused about is how do you compile the driver needed for
From what i've read, it's through make menuconfig but I do not see any
rt73 created.

it depends on what kernel you use,., and which defconfig you have
picked after that.,

do simple search like below, if you have RT73 support in your codebase.,

deva@deva-ubunt:/data/build/kernel_omap4/omap$ find . | grep -i rt73
deva@deva-ubunt:/data/build/kernel_omap4/omap$ grep -iR rt73 arch/arm/configs
deva@deva-ubunt:/data/build/kernel_omap4/omap$ grep -R CONFIG_RT73USB
         += rt73usb.o

How are the folders "/system/lib/modules" and "/system/etc/firmware"

those were part of build and FS creation procedure.,
you can refer our steps at
http://omappedia.org/wiki/WiLink_Connectivity_Project to get an
overview of (drivers, usersidecode, configuration files, how to put in
file system, etc)