android porting issues

i have done it till the screen shots represent that is

1) Building Android2) Building the kernel

i am stuck at Copying the Android root filesystem can you just explain me these five steps.i have done all this as root root@friend:~/beagledroid/beagledroid# so can you please tell me how to use these commands.i am in /root directory sir.please see screenshot three for where i have been stuck.

**cd ~/beagledroid/out/target/product/generic**
**mkdir ~/beagledroid/rootfs**
__cp -a root/* ~/beagledroid/rootfs/__
__cp -a system/* ~/beagledroid/rootfs/system/__
**cd ~/beagledroid/rootfs**
**sudo chown -R root.root .**

sudo chmod -R a+rwX data system</b>

                                                              **thanking you sir.**




*cd ~/beagledroid/out/target/product/generic
mkdir ~/beagledroid/rootfs
cp -a root/* ~/beagledroid/rootfs/
cp -a system/* ~/beagledroid/rootfs/system/
cd ~/beagledroid/rootfs
sudo chown -R root.root .

sudo chmod -R a+rwX data system

You are not atleast following the above steps :frowning: . You are trying to copy root/ from beagledroid directory, but it is inside ~/beagledroid/out/target/product/generic


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