android source code about serial driver for connecting serial-based Zigbee module

Hi, everyone

I am now using beaglebone to connect a Zigbee module(Zigbee receiver) which transform serial to usb and connect with the beaglebone usb interface.

I want to get the data recevied by the Zigbee module (these data would be sent from another Zigbee node), and i think the android-based beaglebone should have installed the serial driver firstly and capture the data received by the Zigbee module. Then, beaglebone would send those captured data to the backend by internet.

I searched online, but did not find the suitable source code about the driver for the connected module, and I am wondering someone can help me or give me some helpful suggestions or links about it.

Great thanks.


Hallo Jerry,

please have a look at the following link:

maybe this could be helpful for Your problem.

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Hi, Juergen

Great thanks.

I am now starting to study about it as you suggest.




I am now going to use this app as suggest ( for my Android-based beagleboard which is connected with another equipment via the serial port.

Now, I can re-compile to get via Cygwin, and run this app on my android device. But the problem is: I want to try to receive the related data informatio after sending (HEX)FE 00 21 01 20 to the connected device via serial port, however I found this app only send 01010101…to device. Moreover, I the data received from the connected device via serial port would be sent to the backend through internet.

Therefore, (Question1)I am wondering how can I modify the source code in order to send the required data? Now, I can not get any and nothing to get after using the sending01010101 …

(Question2)How to send those replied data information sent from the connected device to backend through internet(android device is connected with internet already)?

Greatly appreciate for any suggestions.

Thans a lot.