Angstorm on Beagle Board, I can not write anything on the DVI screen


I tested the Angstorm distribution on the Beable Board today. And I didn’t succeed to enter into the distrib.

I mean I was stucked when I got the prompt on my Host Laptop.

At this point I have on the DVI screen a cursor from where I should write my Username, Full name, the password, confirm the pass word and Finally I have to choose my language.

My problem is that I cannot write or even move the mouse on the DVI screen.

I connected an usb hub to the USB OTG and on the usb HUB I connected a keyboard. But without success to interact with the display. I did the same with the USB host but I heard it is not working properly.

I took the filesystem Angstrom-Beagleboard-demo-image-glibc-ipk-2008.1-test-20080529-beagleboard.rootfs.tar.bz2 provided on the website by the link Koen’s (OpenEmbeded) BeagleBoard source and binaries

And I was using the kernel Linux Beagleboard 2.6.26-rc7-omap1 from the uImage-2.6.25+2.6.26-rc7+r29+git6604ac6c8a14d583a463159f3a1601427dab7e05-r29-beagleboard.bin file.

So My question is how to write my username and to make the keyboard or mouse recognize by the kernel.

Other: In the /lib/modules directory of my File system I have the 2.6.26-rc4-omap1 which doesn’t correspond to my kernel version.

And I saw that there is a uImage in the /boot directory so I tried to boot with this uImage but in this case I have a kernel panic due to the framebuffer. Don’t you think it could be the reason because I can’t mount modules with modprobe !!

Thx a lot,



How did you connect the keyboard and mouse?

I'm not familiar with this exact kernel and its status. You might get
on a newer build.

For an interactive debug session, I suggest you try to find me
(jkridner) on the IRC channel.