Angstrom BB distro build problem recipe

This may not be the ideal place to post but:

I am trying to build xawtv using angstrom but one of the dependant recipes is failing:

ERROR: Build of /home/matt/beagle/OE/openembedded/recipes/fs/ do_compile failed

It looks like something isn’t linking to the xtrans package properly, from the log file:

In file included from FSlibos.h:269,
from FSlibint.h:76,
from FSConnServ.c:56:
fs_trans.h:27:20: error: Xtrans.h: No such file or directory

I can post the file over but then I just get a whole suite of other similar errors relating to

Is anyone familiar with this error or build system? How can I fix the recipe so that fs finds xtrans and builds?

The recipe is fairly minimal at the moment:

PV = "0.0+cvs${SRCDATE}"
SECTION = "libs"
PRIORITY = "optional"
DEPENDS = "libxfont xtrans"

SRC_URI = "${FREEDESKTOP_CVS}/xlibs;module=FS"

inherit autotools pkgconfig

do_stage() {