Angstrom Build internals

Is there a good tutorial on build internals of Angstorm.
like if I have to find the components for base-image build, how do I find it?

for ex : recently I wanted to find out the kernel included in base image and its config. All I could find is the target is kernel26, could not fine a place where the config file is taken or patches applied etc.

I am building the complete platform and what to keep it as small as possible, so it is really important for me to know what components goes into a build/rootfs…

Can some please give some inputs/tutorials…etc


I suggest to start with

kernel config is taken from recipes/linux/*/defconfig where * depends
on your machine.
You can also do a bitbake virtual/kernel to build an image. Then the
build kernel including the .config will end up in your work dir


such simple utilities of Linux like “grep” will help you. Just make a little effort from yourself.

2010/6/20 Frans Meulenbroeks <>

I suggest you read the bitbake(chapter 7) and Recipes(chapter 8)
section of the OpenEmbedded user manual