Angstrom Building for BBB instead of Beaglebone

How do you configure or what recipes are there to specifically build for BBB instead of BeagleBone?
The only setups I can find is for BeagleBone.

For instance this OE setup:

$ MACHINE=beaglebone ./ config beaglebone

Is there a version for BBB?

As well when building:

$ MACHINE=beagleboard bitbake virtual/kernel

At this moment I cannot figure out the difference and if one need to specify it differently.


As far as I know there aren't any bbb specific recipes. However, most tutorials I find use machine=beaglebone. I don't think the beaglebone will run the beagleboard binaries though.

It’s in portuguese but it’s easy to understand.
How to build with Yocto for BBB


I assume you query is in reference to Angstrom Linux?

The build procedure for BeagleBone Black is identical to BeagleBone White. The Angstrom web site is somewhat vague about this and many other things. I create a console-image root file system using the following:

mkdir Angstrom-v2013.06

cd ./Angstrom-v2013.06

git clone git://

cd setup-scripts

MACHINE=beaglebone ./ config beaglebone

MACHINE=beaglebone ./ update

And to compile the console version of the root file system distribution:

. environment-angstrom-v2013.06

bitbake console-image

This will also create u-boot files and a kernel.

You can be more specific and use

bitbake u-boot-denx

to create the u-boot files and

bitbake virtual/kernel

Some other targets are

systemd-image which is a minimal root file system (no x windows)


Thanks for the replies.

I’m figuring things out as I go.

LOL, the experienced guys does not want to help out here.

It’s really time consuming siffing through kernel source to understand how it all is put together.

But the Beagleboard is build specifically for Beagleboard.

Beaglebone and BBB figure out at boot level what they are.
The configure them accordingly by making use of their DTS.
Hence no specific MACHINE needed.

This process has changed from 3.2 to 3.8, where 3.2 was done at source level and 3.8 DTS, but with DTS it can be reconfigured on the fly.

I’m still learning here and am mainly concentrating on the Angstrom Release.
But next step is to change my kernel meta to build from git:// than
Or maybe be able switch between the two.

But it takes hours to understand what is relevant, because each one has his own idea.
Currently RobertCNelson is my main source of info, but would like to stick to Angstrom for a complete build.