Angstrom demo image and tool-chain


I'm running an Angstrom-Beagleboard-demo-image-glibc-ipk-2009.X-stable-20090612--beagleboard.rootfs.tar.bz2

When I try to configure Qt, I got an error stating incompatible in my target root filesystem.

Here is the error log:

Closing the thread, found my issue :slight_smile: -> /lib/

Amit Pundir

Yes, you need to have the toolchain match the one use in your target rootfs. When you don't do that you either are a crosscompiling guru or amazingly stupid. Most people fa(i)ll into the latter category.

Furthermore: both qt-x11 and qt-e are already available for angstrom, so you can use OE to compile those and any applications needing it.

I really wish people would stop being stupid and trying random toolchains instead of doing a teensy bit of research (e.g. going to the angstrom site and clicking on 'developers', or perusing the list archive)