Angstrom Demo xconfig (makeconfig) file


does someone has information about how is configured Angstrom demo uImage file? Just need to know so that I can take a parallel between my custom Angstrom not working with WEB camera and demo Angstrom working with it…


zcat /proc/config.gz

Thanks very much Mr. Koen!

среда, 05. септембар 2012. 11.49.47 UTC+2, Koen Kooi је написао/ла:

I purchased my BeagleBone from Adafruit in August 2012. I’d like to know where the kernel tree is located that built the uImage on SDHC card that shipped with my BeagleBone. I’ve been spending the last few days trying to find this motherlode. I’m assuming what was delivered comes for Texas Instruments. I’d like to be able to build precisely the same uImage as was shipped on the SDHC card so I may compare the build tree with the one utilized by the Gentoo guide Gentoo on the BeagleBone. Having the config.gz is very helpful, so in that vein I’m hoping I might learn what is the kernel source (along with patches and/or specific configuration files). I’ve been trying several sources that may be the build tree, but they turn out not to be. I am unable to locate a definitive source.

It would be great to have a definitive statement such as “Here is the git source we use to build the uImage on the SDHC shipping with the BeagleBone” or a recipe to create it.

Thank you.

My question in the above topic, “Angstrom Demo xconfig (makeconfig) file”, above has been answered by Koen Kooi in the separate topic I created hours ago entitled “Where Oh Where has my little [kernel source tree] gone?”.