Angstrom does not startup on new BB xM

I've done everything that the guide said I should. I've got the SD
card in, the DVI is connected to my LCD and I've got a COM port though
which I'm getting messages and controlling the board via PUTTY.

I placed the 2 driver INF files into my Windows/System32 folder and it
does not make a difference.

Basically the board starts up and boots up fine, but after loading the
USB Mass Storage driver it CRASHES and goes back to the TI X-Loader
startup screen!!
This thing just keeps looping endlessly until I break the flow by
pressing a key and manually typing commands like "version" or
"bdinfo"... typing "boot" restarts this endless loop!!


I've pasted here the entire text that the BB xM throws at me... any
idea what I can do?


What is the current rating of power supply(5V DC) you are using?
It should be minimum of 2 Ampere . If you are using a regular 5V DC supply with no specs about current , it might be 1A. Verify and revert.


I’ve seen my xm draw up to ~2.5a while booting before…


Yes. So what is the rating of the supply you are using?

I have powered the BeagleBoard through the USB Otg cable, mine is a Y
type cable with one end going in to the Beagle and the other 2 going
in to the PC.
Just wanted to confirm whether the SD card that comes with Beagle does
it contain the full Angstrom release or just the test release for
testing and troubleshooting?

The card has a basic OS, but no GUI.
You will get a prompt when u boot using it(only command line interactions possible). Nothing much is installed either, can install more using “opkg” command.

But better to go for a customized version at

Select the board first and add on.

Best of luck.