Angstrom for DevKit8000

Hi all,

Has someone built angstrom + tslib for DevKit8000 (lcd 4.3) from
I would like to have SDL with any kernel version (if possible).
I have read there is a lot of information for beagleboard, not many
for devkit8000 (ok, i know, it is a beagleboard group list).
I would like to run this build from SD card also.

By the way, which version of beagleboard is built for this command:
MACHINE=beagleboard ./ update
MACHINE=beagleboard ./ bitbake virtual/kernel

How do i know if it is console-image or a gui image?
In the angstrom Demo version provided by the manufacture there is a
console that uses the fb, so can i assume it is a console-image? Or a
console-image would be only text, like a terminal?
Could anyone share the correct steps to achieve this in ubuntu 10.04

Any information would be really appreciated.