Angstrom images built by narcissus not working, boot partition empty (BB RevC4)

Hey there,

does anyone have tried to build an angstrom image for the beagleboard
I can't get any working images. I select SD-Card image or SD-Card +
UBI Image as output format (plus full SDK for 32 Bit Intel). Narcissus
finishes the build process without any errors and I can download the
image files for 1GB and 4GB cards, the SDK and the root filesystem.
But the boot partition of the SD-card images is always empty!
I unzip the image-file and copy it to the SD card using the dd
Of course, the beagleboard refuses to boot without any data in the
boot partition.
Back in november 2011, narcissus was working and the SD-card images
contained a working boot partition.
Following the procedure (unzipping, copy with dd...) I got bootable SD
cards. And it still works with old image-files created 2011.

The build configuration I chose:
machine: beagleboard
name: stobb_22
release: 2011.03
base-system: regular
/dev: udev
init: sysvinit
type of image: OMAP SD image
manifest: no
SDK: Full, 32 Bit Intel
environment: console only
additional packages: alsa-utils, VIM, Nano Editor, Julius Speech
Reconizer, DOS FAT utils, EXT2 utils, Screen

The boot procedure stops with the following messages:


I recently created an Angstrom image with Narcissus as well.
To get it working, I had to do add the files in the boot partition
myself. They are located in the /boot directory in the second
1) Copy the MLO to the first partition. This has to be the first file
placed on this partition, otherwise it won't work.
2) Copy the uImage and the u-boot.bin files to the FAT partitions.
3) Create a uEnv.txt with the correct parameters. (There are several
other places where this is addressed)

Warning: These files may be named differently like:

You'll have to truncate their names when you copy them.

Other Members: Please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere.


Tank you, that works perfectly for me. Now, all the images I recently
created boot properly.

Maybe it's just a minor bug in a narcissus script which copies this
files to the boot partition during the image creation.

Kind regards,