Angstrom Internet Problem

I am connecting Ethernet cable to access the internet and it works
fine. But whenever i restart the Beagleboard i dont know somehow it
loses the internet connection. To connect again i go to "Network
Setup" in the Settings and just click on "ok" (i do not change any
thing!!!). Then it works fine again. Does anyone have idea what might
be the problem?

or if i do:
# /etc/init.d/networking restart
then again it works fine.

Thank for your post! This fixed my Beagle/AngstromInternet bring up
issues with -20090612 (stable)

I could PING to the router and other network devices...but could not
get FIREFOX to find the default website (resolve DNS?)

Power cycling and IFup and Down didn't seem to help...

  This may be totally unrelated but this week the same thing happened
to my Ubuntu workstation. The cure in this case was to open the
manager, delete the old eth0 connection and create a new one.
   I dont know it it would apply with Beagle linux.
Don Lewis

Check your /etc/resolv.conf, this should contain the DNS. For some
reason I had the same problem when using a static IP therefore I just
added echo nameserver *.*.*.* > /etc/resolv.conf (* being the IP) to
run on each boot.